Infiltration Tank #M2016S

Infiltration Tank, Geocellular, Detention Tanks, Stormwater detention tanks

Size: 3.28′ x 1.64′ x 1.64′ (1000 x 500 x 500mm)
Void ratio: 96%
Tanks: 4 tanks/cbm
Water Storage: 240L/tank
Weight: 13.5kg/tank
Material: Virgin PP or Recycled PP
Vertical Load Capacity: UP TO 65T/m2
Lateral Load Capacity: UP TO 12T/m2



Stormwater Infiltration, Retention, and Attenuation
The Stormwater infiltration tank M2016S is one of the most popular item in GS-Tanks family. It is a pillar structure module, which is made up of the main module, cover and side panels. The left and right, up and down modules are able to be connected together by interlocking clips.  The advantages compared with the plate structure tanks are saving installation time and much higher compressive strength. So it is widely used in big projects. Such as living community, factories and enterprises, municipal roads, viaducts and bridges, etc. It is the cost-effective and flexible solution to your underground water storage requirement.

The structure characteristics of Infiltration Tank, Geocellular

Structural integration: Distributing the loaded weight on to all the plates, fully utilized the effect of each plate.
Stable Design: Interlocks vertically and horizontally for maximum stability, avoid the whole system from floating.
Fast Installation: The built-in socket and ports bring extremely convenience of quick installation(about 30 seconds for 1 CBM installation).
High Void Ratio: 96% void ratio providing greater water storage capacity with reduced excavation and disposal costs.
High Compression Load: Resisting stretch and extrusion by fully utilizing triangle’s stability and round shape. (reach 77106 lb)
Unique Columnar Construction: Adopt cylinder-shaped construction, suitable for non-trafficked, trafficked or heavily trafficked appilication.