The green wall is a wall made of living plants. It not only has the function of separating internal and external spaces. But also has lush colors. Giving people a sense of comfort and beauty. According to different environmental requirements, the green wall is with different shapes, heights , to be harmonious to theenvironment. After careful cultivation and trimming, and decorated with lights, the living green wall makes the environment more beautiful.

Features of Living Green Wall ( Vertical Wall Greening ):

Flexible Planting: Unrestricted plant root system, free growth, and high plant survival rate.

Class A fire protection: It has reached the assessment standard of Class A. So you won’t worry about fire-proof function.

Ultra-Low Maintenance Cost: The plants in the system can grow for a long time. And the watering and fertilization are completed by the system itself. So the maintenance cost is much lower than the ground greening maintenance cost. In addition, the ultra-low maintenance cost greatly relieves the customer’s worries!

Ultra-Light & Ultra-Thin: The thickness from the wall can be as thin as 5cm (without plants). What’s more, the self-weight of the supporting system, plants and hydration together can be very light. With soil media, it can be as low as 35kg/m2. For soil-free media, it can be as low as 18kg/m2. Moreover, flat irrigation completely overturns the traditional drip irrigation pipe technology. It avoids the disadvantages of easy clogging and uneven irrigation, and greatly reduces the mortality of plants.

Waterproof & Root Resistance: It can effectively improve the waterproof ability of the wall and prevent plant roots from penetrating into the wall structure. As a result, it can greatly extend the service life of the building and completely protect you from water leakage!

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