Rainwater Harvesting Module #M2015F

Rainwater Harvesting Module, modular water storage tanks

Size: 2.62’ x 1.61’ x 1.74’ (800 x 490 x 530mm )
Material: 100% Recycled PP, or Virgin Materials
Load Capacity: 28T/m2
Tanks: 5 tanks/CBM
Void ratio: 95%
Water Storage: 197L/tank
Weight: 12kg/tank


Rainwater Harvesting Module, modular water storage tanks

Rainwater Retention, Attenuation and Infiltration
M2015 rain water harvesting module is made up of 4 big plates and 6 small plates.

The rainwater harvesting system can be roughly divided into two catagories: Roof rainwater harvesting, and ground rain water collecting. The roof rainwater is relatively cleaner and with less foreign maters, mud and other pollutions. One of the modules advantage is recyclable. It can be removed to other areas to continue to use after the old site is used. The equipment is suitable for rainwater collection and utilization in large building community, industrial park, plaza and workshop area. Rainwater harvesting module tanks will effectively collect rainwater for storage. The storage of rainwater resources can be recycled used after processing, such as flush the toilet, clean roads, watering the lawn, water filling water, even used in circulating cooling water and fire water.

The unique characteristics of Rainwater Harvesting Module

Long Service Life: Manufactured from 100% recycled Polypropylene and reach up to 40 year design life.
Chemical Stability: No significant change after soaking in water, odorless with strong property of anti-acid-alkali.
Variety Size Available: With five different sizes of modules available, GS-Tanks are cater for all volumn requirements.
Loading Capacity above 40 tons/Sqm: Certified by American TRI testing institution, conforms with HS-20 standard in US market.
Market Recognition: With short lead time and high loading quantity in container bring the customers maximum profit.