Underground Water Tank #M2014

Underground Water Tank, Underground Water Storage Tanks DROP A ROW LAYOUT OR MODULE TO GET STARTED!

                                                                                                              Size: 2.23’ x 1.35’ x 1.48’ (680 x 410 x 450mm)
                                                                                                              Material: 100% Recycled PP, or Virgin Materials
                                                                                                              Tanks: 8 tanks/CBM
                                                                                                              Void ratio: 95%
                                                                                                              Water Storage: 120L/tank
                                                                                                              Weight: 7.75kg/tank


Underground Water Tank, Underground Water Storage Tanks DROP A ROW LAYOUT OR MODULE TO GET STARTED!

Rainwater Harvesting, Infiltration & Detention

M2014 is a small tank in plate structure. The underground water storage tanks is part of the rainwater collection and utilization system. Several underground water tanks units are combined to form an underground storage tank. According to the engineering needs, it can be covered with the waterproof membrane or  permeable geotextile, so that to make up the different types of tanks, such as harvesting tanks, infiltration tanks and detention tank. It is very convenient to use underground water tank modules to assemble the tanks. It is not only with high compressive strength, but also do not breed mosquitoes and flies and algae. PP underground water tank can also be used as the drainage trench. It has a strong capacity of resisting uneven settlement, which can also be used in soft ground.

If compared with the concrete tanks, the module tanks have more advantages in water leakage risk, price, installation procedure and time, recycle usage, low dead weight, maintenance, etc. Now GS-tanks already have many projects in home abroad.

Outlines Characteristics of Underground Water Tank

Space Saving: With underground installation, the system will not occupy valuable subaerial space.
Lower Cost: Less costly than concrete and metal storage systems.
Maximum Storage Capacity: Modular units allow flexibility of shape, ideal for narrow strips or restricted areas.
Construted Rapidly: Intallation construction simplified and minimize the construction period.
No Later Maintenance: Barely no post-maintenance after installation.